Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Menu

Some of the meals from last week didn't last 2 nights as planned.  So, we had to come up with some other things for the weekend.
  • paleo waffles (from Eat Like a Dinosaur) and smoothies for breakfast
  • grilled chicken w/ sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese, salad w/ dressing
  • seasoned chicken corn tortilla taquitos, salad
Friday evening I caught up with a friend while our kids played and we all ate together.

Saturday was beautiful for the first day of autumn.  The kids and I took a leisurely walk to the playground (I didn't take my phone or a watch!!) and collected hedge apples on the way back.

I also read quite a bit (which I LOVE to do,  and don't do enough of out of pressure to get other things done)... no wonder I am fascinated by the book I am reading.

Sunday is church and family day, with a quick trip in for grass fed beef pick-up.  Going to do some baking for my work friends.

Weekends like these are gems!

farm eggs w/ salsa
paleo banana bread
coffee, real milk

salami & cheese apple-sandwiches
chicken waldorf salad
chicken no-tortilla soup
cashew cookie bites (food processor: 1 c. cashews, 1 c. dates)

korean beef & broccoli (sub 2 T. maple syrup)
sausage & sweet potatoes x2
asian-style turkey meatballs, roasted green beans, crab rangoon dip w/ nut thins (made up this meal in my head... we'll see how it works)
sticky chicken in the crock pot, peas
meatloaf (didn't have last week), peas x2

School Snacks:
homemade popcorn
raisins or fruit leather

Have a good week!

I'm sharing this GF meal plan with others here!

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