Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekly Menu

my little boy's lunch a day last week. of course he had seconds on the cashews.  and would eat them all day if I let him!

What do you think of my new blog header?  A little girly?  But, I am a girl, and I did make it myself :)

Here's the menu plan-

eggs & bananas
coconut milk smoothies
coffee with real cream

turkey & cheese roll-ups
balsamic glazed drumsticks (my kids loved this recipe last week, so I might make it again)
black olives
celery & carrots with homemade ranch

Snacks to pack for preschool:
pirate booty
raisins or fruit leather

zucchini & meaty tomato sauce (with ground turkey) x2
shepherd's pie (with mashed sweet potatoes) x2
baked asian-style salmon, salad w/ dressing
key west grilled chicken skewers, salad x2

frozen banana & almond butter bites (inspired by these)
frozen grapes

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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