Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Re-useable Partitioned Lunch Containers

When I am packing a bunch of food (lunches for multiple family members), I like to use partitioned containers.  It is easier, not to mention more environmentally friendly, and probably cheaper, too, than a bunch of plastic zip top bags.  Right now I use one of these ziploc containers for each lunch.

I think ziploc has discontinued these, so I might have to look for something else when they wear out.  I'm seeking lightweight, easy to wash (not a lot of parts), bpa-free containers that fit in my kids' lunch bags.  Bonus if they are leak-proof because I do need that option available for certain days (which also could be provided by using a separate container).

These look like a good replacement:

If money were no object, I'd buy us each one of these-

Fyi, I decided that while nom nom, where I found these recommended,  is the cool, elite paleo family food blog, mine is its WT cousin :)  And P.S. that means "white trash" in the pre-texting era lingo of my high school friends.  Hey, I found a new name for this place!  WT Paleo!  Kidding...

Anyways, these look cute, too-

For supper leftovers, we always use glass Pyrex.  But that would obviously not be suitable for kids' lunch bags.

What do you think?  Any recommendations?

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