Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Menu

A friend hooked me up with some farm fresh eggs from pastured hens!  Happiness.  It has been awhile since we have had a steady source for these.  I am going to try to get these weekly while they are available.

eggs & fruit
paleo waffles
leftover sausage & sweet potato hash
coffee w/ real milk

chicken burgers (from Costco, I sampled these and they are good!)
nitrate-free cheddar hot dogs
steak jerky
celery w/ sunbutter
black olives

School snacks:
pirate's booty
fruit leather or raisins

sausage & sweet potato hash
dinner with Bible study (crockpot BBQ chicken for the rest of the fam)
cold pre-cooked shrimp & sweet-spicy chile sauce, organic corn chips & guacamole (need a no-cook night!)
korean beef (sub 2 T. maple syrup) with broccoli x2
weekend TBD

frozen grapes
primal cookie dough bites  (I tried these on a whim last week and we liked them... I am going to try to make them again and sub some dried coconut for some of the almond meal - which I used instead of almond flour, since it was what I had.)

Have a good week!!

Linking up to more recipes here!

P.S.  The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Health Challenge begins tomorrow.  Who's in?

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