Saturday, January 5, 2013


Thinking out-loud...

It has been both a good and rough transition to the new year this week.  Good in that we laid low, the kids played great together, I quit coffee, and I slept more than I have in a long time (no bags under my eyes!)  Bad in that 3/4 of us were sick - bleh - and I am still not at 100%.  I wasn't productive at home (because I was sleeping), neither did I work much, my paycheck will be smaller than normal... but all in all, it was a great week for hibernating.  I like to hibernate from time to time :)

And I discovered you can save a lot of money when you don't eat much!  Ha.  I seriously put off grocery shopping for 6 days.  My husband did make an emergency run to the store, once.  I think I will brave Costco tomorrow.

At times I want to include more personal elements in this blog, other times I do not... do you have a preference?  I enjoy reading things that are not always polished, that are streams of consciousness and a peek into people's lives, but I also don't want to waste people's time (or my time - which is sometimes hard to come by).  I write because I enjoy it and it helps me, and I hope that it helps some other people, too.  It is not my job or obligation, and I think that is why I like it and am able to continue it -- as an outlet.

If I do get a wild hair and decide to occasionally share non-food-related things here, know that I am only doing it for fun -- as an outlet and of course it is up to you whether you want to read it or not.  And I would hope that whatever I share, while might be labeled as personal or frivolous, will fit into the bigger picture of what paleo living means for me and my family.

On that note...

I did read a quick book on my Kindle app that I want to share. Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews.   It is a time management book.  I know what you're thinking, but just chill.  I had heard about it long ago, so it has been on my radar for awhile.  (PS - You can download the free Kindle app from Amazon to your computer or device.)  It is super fast to read - like less than 30 minutes, probably.  The book was free at the time I downloaded it, but it is currently $2.99 and free for Amazon Prime members.  Anyways.

Amy's approach (that I dutifully followed) for creating my to-do list/schedule was new to me.  Kind of backdoor and I loved it.  Amy leads you through a step by step process that efficiently sifts through the busy-ness and all the roles you play, and in the end you are left with your goals.  Amy says (I paraphrase): Your life goals are not some bucket list, they are the kind of person you want to be.  Then, from those goals, you decided what needs to be done for you to achieve them.  And those are the things that you use to build your weekly schedule.

Reading this book didn't drastically change anything on my to-do list/schedule, but it greatly improved my perspective.  It helped me see how things that are already on my crazy schedule aren't just me spinning my wheels, but are purposeful efforts toward my goals.  (And it helped me see what isn't!)  I actually created a weekly spreadsheet template of my proposed schedule for this semester... and whether I follow it carefully or not, I now have better clarity regarding what are my goals.... and hopefully I will slowly but surely continue to gain traction towards them :)

So, if you can use some clarity in this department, I do recommend her book.

OK, that was awful serious, can I write about favorite Christmas presents or make-up or something now? :)

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