Saturday, January 19, 2013

Costco Shopping this Week

I think I am making up for being under budget the first part of the month.  And my kids are growing and eating more, sheesh.  The grocery budget has been the same for nearly 2 years (since we began paleo), except that instead of ages 3 and 1, the kids are now 5 and 3 = and eating more than ever.  A pound of meat used to be enough meat for one dinner for the 4 of us (with sides, sauces, veggies, salad, whatever else, etc.)  But it is hardly cutting it anymore.  We've cut back a lot on milk.  My oldest child hasn't been drinking much of it at all, which I am fine with, but then I have to buy other food to replace those calories.  Our milk (raw, from the farm) has been my convenient way to fill them up :)  Until now.  Now I have to chop or cook more :)

At the end of this week, I went to Trader Joe's (Thursday), Price Chopper (just a quick run in for a roast on sale), Costco (Friday), and Aldi (Saturday).  I may head to Hy-Vee on Tuesday before the specials change on Wednesday.  This week is not the norm.  I usually try to stick to 2 stores.  Let's just say there were several completely bare shelves in the fridge before I shopped!

Two little older ladies in Costco were munching on spaghetti samples as my daughter and I rolled by.  One peered into my basket and remarked to her friend, "Now there's a healthy cart!"  And then to me, "Good job, honey."  It was pretty cute.  I said thank you.

I know this is not a perfect shopping by any means, but here are my Costco items, from my most expensive grocery shopping trip this week.  Cheese?  Dairy? Yes.  Sigh.  They should last awhile.  I am trying to cut down on nuts for cost reasons, and I tend to put one or the other in lunches.

Costco $77

  • deli turkey
  • salami
  • Tillamook cheddar
  • goat cheese
  • Kerrygold butter
  • romain lettuce
  • celery
  • organic chopped squash
  • pears
  • bananas
  • avocados
  • sour cream
  • veggie straws (school snack)
I got lots of raw veggies today at Aldi since carrots, spinach, and tomatoes were on sale there.

The menu plan will be up tomorrow!

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