Sunday, January 20, 2013

Strapped In

I feel like I am strapped in for a roller coaster ride.  I chose to get on, I am choosing to stay on, but I won't necessarily love every second of the ride... or maybe I will, but I just don't know yet because it is just beginning.

I am someone who does well with both busy structure that keeps me moving along AND time to unwind, to process and create.  I feel a little insane when I have too much of one without the other.  And I am worried that is what the next 7 weeks will be: too much of the former, with no time to think.  I am not very good at concentrating if I don't get a chance to unplug my brain and let it wander now and then.

I'm taking an additional short term class that is going to fill up most of my weekends.  The time I usually need to organize my world and family after a hectic week and to prepare for the week ahead.  But.  It is only for 6 weeks.  Which is so short.  And my family is going to help me, bless them.  I just need to buckle down and get over it.  Just know that I will probably only be able to concentrate on whatever is right in front of my face at the time.  But if you know me personally, don't keep from giving me creative challenges, because those are what I get excited about and keep me motivated for the hard stuff.

And please forgive me if I go crazy.

OK, I feel better now :)

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