Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Menu

Hmm, what to eat this week...?

eggs, avocado, salsa
berry crumble (an experiment)
coffee with paleo creamer :)

tangy paleo meatballs (first time trying these) x2
turkey sausage and sweet potato hash x2
salmon burgers (a grain free version of these under the broiler)
raw veggies w/ homemade ranch, cheddar, or sunbutter

School snacks:
fruit leather
veggie straws

start w/ organic salad greens & dressing
Sunday - easy chicken (first time trying this), roasted green beans
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - cheap & easy korean beef over broccoli (paleofy like this)
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - baked asian-style salmon, peas
Friday - paleo chicken parmesan (no cheese), roasted green beans
Saturday - crock pot paleo chicken tortilla soup (no corn) topped w/ avocado

frozen banana & almond butter bites

Sorry for all the extraneous notes this week.

I'm calling this "no chop week" because I purposely picked dinners that I would not have to chop any vegetables for!  Yay!  Frozen vegetables and ready to eat salad greens are my friends.  As long as the broccoli is florets and does not include plain stem pieces (bleh).   For lunches, I will have to chop some celery, but that is easy.  And sweet potatoes - ugh.  I also bought baby carrots and grape tomatoes because they were on sale at Aldi.  Score.

I will have to make the lunch items the night before... but that should help the mornings to go smoother.

Deal of the week around here: 19¢ avocados at Aldi.  Crazy.  The are small and unripe, but I just put them with some bananas and they ripen within the week, usually. I bought 15.  If we can't eat them fast enough, I will mash them with some lime juice and freeze in zip top bags.  You don't have to love avocados to eat paleo, but we do :)

Have a good week!
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