Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Day Food + Our Vitacost Order

Goodness.  Hungry people around here!  My family has been playing hard in the snow, shoveling lots, and therefore blowing through the calories, I am sure!

I add in fat to their meals wherever I can in the form of butter from pastured cows, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, olives, coconut milk, fresh tallow, raw whole milk, but most people sure wouldn't guess it by looking at them!

They are eating so much.

Last week, I raided the cabinets and came up with the ingredients to make these cookies (half a batch and with almond butter), some homemade gmo free popcorn in coconut oil on the stovetop, some paleo thin mints (what??) and this pumpkin custard to follow up some meals because supper just wasn't cutting it most days.  All hit the spot.  We also made a couple batches of breakfast bread to go with our eggs on the lazy snow day mornings.  Plus, I had to buy more food by the time we got to the weekend... we made a balsamic roast (yum) and some white potatoes (gasp!)  None of that was on the original menu, which is fine, just want you to now I sometimes have to add or tweak things.

I think we will end the month of February $30 over budget on groceries and entertainment expenditures, which is not bad considering we had guests twice, did some other extra cooking for other get togethers, restocked on coconut and olive oil, etc.  But I do think we should raise our weekly limit if we can.  Or else we can just resort to eating really boring food, which isn't the end of the world, either.

So anyways, speaking of adding good fats.... our order from Vitacost arrived!  I have ordered from them in the past and have been very pleased with the quality of their products and their prompt shipping. This order was no exception.

Here's what we got-
  • two 54oz. containers of organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • one jar of coconut manna (my husband has been bugging me to get some for him to try to see if it would be a good fuel source for his off-road/adventure riding/camping trips)
  • one container of facewash (We both use this and it lasts like 2 years.  We put it in another smaller container for daily use.  They used to carry it at our Whole Foods, but no longer have the refill size.)

We got free shipping (spent $25 or more on a Vitacost brand product) and I applied a $20 off credit (on a purchase of $30 or more) thanks to referral credits from readers like you!

Total out of pocket cost: $42

So here's my take on purchasing coconut oil at a good price... I'd love to try Tropical Traditions since I've heard amazing things about it.  But I've never caught one of their really good sales yet and so I keep sticking with my more frugal options.  I have ordered from other companies online before, including Amazon, but those prices are not the best as of this writing.  Trader Joe's is an option if you don't want very much quantity.

But if you want a lot (like we do)...if your Costco has the coconut oil for $16 like ours does, then that is a great price.  If not, you can get about that same price per tub from Vitacost by doing what I have done: purchasing 2, getting free shipping, and applying a $10 discount (I usually don't do referral programs, but they make it really easy).  That should make your total $33 for two 54oz. tubs of delicious organic extra virgin coconut oil.  If you go the Vitacost route (as I have mentioned before), please sign up via my referral link and we will both get $10 off our next order!  And you can then refer your friends (only if you want) and earn credit the same way.  Super easy and it comes straight to your door.

I might have to open the coconut oil and break out the old primal fudge recipe.  It seems to be a hit on pinterest these days :)  Thanks so much for pinning and sharing, y'all!

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