Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Menu

Last week's menu had some additions because this family was hungry.  I'm thankful we had enough food in the pantry to outlast the snowstorm and create some new items (even though I didn't prepare especially for the snow and the additions weren't particularly super healthy).  I am also thankful for the new tubs of coconut oil that arrived.  This paleo family is lost without their coconut oil :)  Details on both the menu additions and coconut oil here.

For the week ahead... I had a little more time to make a detailed menu for this week (utilizing those snow days)...

giving the kids a little break from eggs every single morning
sausage & sweet potato hash
eggs & cranberry scones
coffee, raw milk

grilled gf chicken sausages
fudge babies
tuna stuffed avocados
ants on a log
banana blueberry egg mini muffins
cottage cheese
turkey, kale, onion, & sundried tomato frittata

School snacks:
pirate's booty
fruit leather or raisins

pork chops in creamy turmeric sauce, roasted green beans x2
high pockets chicken, peas
unstuffed peppers, salad with dressing
primal chicken tortilla soup, avocado
pizza (add beef & toppings), salad with dressing

Other desserts/finishing touches:
primal fudge covered frozen bananas :)
berry crisp (only use half of the sugars)

P.S. During my procrastinating on schoolwork during all the snow, I added another little page at the top about me, us, paleo, and the blog.  Come say hi!

Have a good week!

P.S. This is cool-

(sharing my menu and finding ideas here)

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