Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly Menu

on the table

Things are in full swing for my crazy 6 weeks of class!  Just want you to know the reason for me not posting as often right now... the goal is survival for 4 more weeks and then I can breathe again hopefully!

Working out was completely nonexistent last week which is unlike me and that made me feel blah, so the goal is to do something this week :)

I did the grocery shopping at the usual places this week: Trader Joe's on Friday, and Costco, Aldi, and  little at Hy-Vee on Saturday.  I had to shave the list down to stay close to budget.  I think I did pretty well.

Also, who wants to come conquer Mt. Laundry on the living room couch?

And the menu for this week is...(drumroll)...

trying to give the kids a bit of a break from everyday eggs
berry crumble with raw milk
pumpkin muffins
scrambled eggs
coffee w/ creamer

gf chicken nuggets
turkey roll ups
hardboiled eggs
cottage cheese
strawberries, pineapple
carrots & homemade ranch
celery & almond butter

School snacks:
raisins and homemade organic popcorn

add organic salad greens w/ dressing
Sunday - steak, roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes
Monday - zucchini spaghetti with meat sauce
Tuesday - lydia's sausage kale soup (no beans)
Wednesday - best chicken ever, roasted green beans
Thursday - leftovers, broccoli
Friday - baked asian style salmon, stir fry vegetables
Saturday - leftovers-filled frittata

So last week I attempted to make kale chips.  I had tried once before a few years ago and did not like them (I think I burned them) and never understood everyone raving about kale.  Well, I don't know if I have just become accustomed to these kinds of veggies lately, or if the roasting and olive oil and spices do the magic, but I tried to make some last week and the result was tasty.  I undercooked rather than overcooked them, and so they weren't quite crunchy.  My kids were not fans, but I was :)  I guess I do like seasoned, roasted kale.  (The prewashed, precut bag of kale from Trader Joe's salad section works perfect for this.)

PS - These easy peasy pancakes are the closest thing to classic pancakes I've had since going paleo.  If you miss pancakes, you gotta try em!

Have a good week!

(I'm sharing and snooping for more recipes here.)

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