Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly Menu

this sure hits the spot when I am hungry!  eggs, sausage & sweet potato hash, avocado, salsa.

Reflections on last week's menu:
1. the creamer is a keeper
2. this easy chicken is delish (truly not spicy!)

Now for this week:
I went shopping and stayed in budget!  Or close enough.  I've got lots of recipe links this week for you.  We are trying a handful of new recipes.

eggs, avocado, salsa
blueberry muffins*
coffee, creamer

tuna salad w/ bell pepper scoops, sweet potato chips x2
honeyed chicken bites*, kale chips*
nitrate free mini hot dogs, carrots & homemade sour cream ranch
apples/bananas/strawberries w/ plain yogurt & roasted almonds

School snacks:
banana chips, raisins, popcorn

Sunday - hamburger vegetable soup (paleo-fied), paleo pretzels
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - BBQ chicken in the crock pot*, vinaigrette cole slaw*, fresh strawberries, ding dongs*:)
(buns optional. my turn to cook for Bible study girls.)
Wednesday - taco salad
Thursday - sticky chicken in the crock pot, salad w/ dressing, roasted brussels sprouts
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - baked mustard lime chicken*, roasted green beans, mixed berry grain free crisp (doing this again w/ berries, enjoy it so much, going to try halving the sugar since the berries are so sweet, topping with this!)

*first time following these recipes

(sharing and finding inspiration here!)

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