Saturday, March 2, 2013

Daily Diary

Pieces of my week...
only because I am procrastinating on more important things... :)

Roasted sweet potatoes with breakfast (a family favorite food at our house).

I reserved this book that is on order at the library.  It comes highly recommended.

I can't wait to buy this book.  I seriously love everything this dude writes; he's very insightful.

High pockets chicken looks ordinary, but I think it is amazing.  I like to roast the veggies, too.  Plus I added mushrooms.  The marinade/sauce is so fresh tasting; it'll wake your taste buds up!

The sunny snowy days were truly beautiful.  Unfortunately one of my favorite trees that I look at from our breakfast area lost a few branches :(

I am a little lost without my routine sometimes.

I got to wear scrubs - yay! :)

This song was in my head.  Thanks Pitch Perfect.

My husband had the privilege experiencing Costco tire center on a Saturday.  Because he took care of my flat tire situation for me... aw... (unfortunately, my tire is completely busted and they have to order a new one... so my car is gimp until at least Thursday, I get to drive with the classy donut).

This was the best thing I saw via Pinterest.

Happy weekend!

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