Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Menu

A quick note from yesterday: the hubs thought the cranberry scones were pretty amazing.  "Coffee shop worthy -  you could sell these" were his words, I believe.  I added a lemon glaze which added just the right touch of sweetness, in my opinion.  I think we've eaten our nut consumption max for the week now!  These are definitely a rare treat.  Like I've said before, it is a good thing paleo baking isn't very affordable.

I shopped at Costco and Aldi this week.  Oh, and a trip to Trader Joe's since I never made it there last week.

eggs, kale, avocado, & salsa
banana blueberry egg muffins (These are a little strange, but my kids seem to love them and they are soooooo easy.  I use a regular sized silicone pan and bake for 15 minutes.)
coffee, raw milk

turkey, cheese, carrots & guacamole, apples
grilled chicken w/ fresh peppers & tomatoes in sauce, veggie straws, apples
tuna salad & bell pepper scoops, veggie straws, apples & almond butter
primal chicken tortilla soup (freezer leftovers) w/ avocado

School snacks:
pirate's booty, raisins, fruit leather

Sunday - paleo chili
Tuesday - leftovers
Thursday - leftovers
Saturday - korean beef (paleofied) & broccoli

pineapple whips (experiment with frozen pineapple & coconut milk)

I've been listening to more podcasts lately.  When I read and listen to other people who are also excited about paleo/primal living, I find myself more motivated to make better decisions regarding food and lifestyle.  It is not always easy, but I do enjoy the process.

I've got lots of homework and tests to complete before Spring Break.  Ugh.  I'm getting spring fever and a little apathetic.  Gotta remind myself the semester isn't even quite half over yet!

Have a good start to your week!

(sharing my menu here!)

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