Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Art: Oil Pastel Eggs & Bunny Tails

This week, we once again practiced our handicraft together.

I dug out my student-version oil pastels from college (or was it high school?)  I can't believe they have been in the closet this long, I forgot what I was missing.  My daughter loves them, too!  They sure are a step up from crayons and markers :)

She gets upset when she "makes a mistake"... and I am trying to teach her the theraputic value of creating, to just enjoy it, go with the flow, and the result will become beautiful.

I was inspired by this bunny canvas I found on Pinterest, then I simplified it to create our masterpieces :)  Regular old craft paint was used for the background.  We were limited on color selection so they ended up all looking similar.  My 3 year old took part, as well.  I drew and cut the silhouettes, and then we stuck on cotton balls.

In our kitchen, the Valentines are now down and the Easter art is up!

Lot o' crafty spring inspiration here.  Happy weekend!!!
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