Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Menu

Thanks for putting up with my random posts on children's art.

I like a bit of winter when it provides an excuse to slow down.  This was my agenda as the fat snowflakes were falling yesterday.  A Saturday special: stovetop organic popcorn (popped in coconut oil of course) and my book that arrived in the mail... it didn't last long before the kids wanted to go outside.  Pulling a sled is a good workout!

Ironic that I was eating popcorn as I was reading this? :)

Here's the plan for this week-

eggs, sausage & sweet potato hash
coffee with creamer

grilled apple-chicken sausages for the adults
corn tortilla pizzadillas for the children
(Corn is not paleo, but we eat it once in awhile, just like dairy.)
sun dried tomato chicken slaw
trail mix
carrots & guac
apples & sun butter

School snacks:
pirate's booty, raisins

Sunday - chocolate chili, avocados
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - warm broccoli, bacon, & cashews salad, add grilled chicken
Wednesday - burgers (bunless of course), sweet potato fries
Thursday - champion chicken, roasted green beans
Friday - out to eat
weekend - TBD, but I will be making a grain free, or at least gluten free, carrot cake.  I'm going to attempt a GF variation of this wicked easy carrot cake recipe.  I will share the results - hopefully it is a success!

some form of chunky monkey ice cream (frozen bananas, nut butter, coconut milk)
berry banana smoothies (with yogurt from the farm)

In an effort to stretch the avocados this week I made a zippy salad dressing that I loved (not sure about the rest of the fam).  Avocado, lemon juice, garlic, plain yogurt, salt and pepper, and some olive oil in the blender.  Yum!

A new season makes me want to branch out with some new (or old but forgotten) recipes!
Do you have any fresh spring recipes we should try?  Anyone making a paleo Easter dinner?

Have a great week~
(more ideas and recipe resources here)
(thanks for hosting each week, Jo-Lynne!)

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