Friday, April 19, 2013

Coming Soon... More Freezer & Slow Cooker Paleo Meals

Selfishly, I want some new, EASY, recipes for summertime.  I don't want to stand over the stove in the heat of the day at 5:00 - I want to be playing with my children!

Some people love to grill.  I am lazy and don't.  I am feeling a little un-American with that confession.  Although, I do like to eat grilled food, of course :)  My lazy method for grilling is using the broiler in the oven.  That works great for spring and fall.  But, even indoors that can feel a little hot in the middle of summer's blazing heat.  And still takes time away from other things.

So, the crock pot is my friend that allows to have a dinner waiting for us when we arrive home hungry and ready to eat after a day of work/camp/swimming.  I am currently collecting some simple slow cooker paleo recipes to have in our rotation this summer (or this spring for that matter!)  All of them you can prep beforehand on the weekend and freeze if you want... but most are so basic that you can throw them together in less than 10 minutes in the morning before you start your day.  No marathon freezer prep sessions required here.

Some old favorite freezer meals & tips (and some great reader suggestions in the comments) are listed in my previous freezer meals post... and many of them can be made or adapted to the slow cooker.  But honestly, I wrote that post as a starting point because I knew I wanted to build upon the (very) few ideas I had.

What I am looking for now are fresh ideas that move beyond the typical soups/chili, meat sauce, and taco filling.  My requirements: they must be simple, not expensive, tasty, and can cook from start to finish in the crock pot.  And P.S., they have to have zero to very minimal added sugar (Sooooo many of the slow cooker meals I have found on Pinterest are literally coated in sugar sauce.  Be aware!  They may be gluten free, but that doesn't mean they are good for you.)  I will be testing some new recipes out in the coming weeks.  It has taken some digging, but I think (hope) I have found some gems.  You may notice some on them on the menu plans in the coming weeks if you are keen.  Then, I will do a wrap up listing all the ones we like for easy reference for you and me! :)

I am also looking forward to a future post from a friend of mine who is a food/cooking expert.  Literally, it is her job :)  She will give us some great ideas for additional make-ahead paleo meals!

Sound good?  It does to me!

Happy Friday!

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