Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ramblings + Weekly Menu

First, some tangents.  Several.

Women runners and cardio bunnies: read this.  And to be fair: here's a counter viewpoint.

These articles may make you think twice about how you are working towards your fitness goals.  There was a time when steady running was my therapy.  I would have been seriously worried if you told me I couldn't run distance the rest of my life.  I mean, I would just blow up into a balloon, right?  It is actually kind of a relief to me to read that first article, because my body doesn't hold up to distance running very well anymore (I know that sounds old).  But, I still love to work out, so don't worry, I'm not using that as an excuse to sit on my butt!  However, I have realized that after keeping food, sleep, and stress in check, working out is #4, not #1 on the list for me.  Anyways.  I went for a run on Tuesday.  Mostly just because I was feeling emotional about Monday's events and felt the need to get out and run because runners are a family.  There was a time when I had contemplated running a marathon.  I trained with friends who did, and I got a at least halfway through the training, but that was years ago.  Anyways, I apologize to anyone who may have seen me out trying to run on Tuesday, because I'm sure it wasn't pretty.  I didn't even make it 2 miles before I could feel old injuries cropping up, and I had to walk.  I was definitely disappointed.  I didn't even feel the runner's high.  I will stick to my sprints and weights, I guess.  I will celebrate the spirit of those who are enjoying the cleansing feel of a good run, very thankful for the times when I got to experience that, yet also grateful that I am not a slave to it for the rest of my life (and maybe better off because of that).

This podcast is worth listening to.  Jim is very confident ;) but rightly so.  It actually kind of builds upon the anti-chronic-steady-state-cardio article listed above.  Different guy, though.

Notes from last week's menu:
The tropical chicken burgers were delicious.  I was a little skeptical because they involved a good bit of chopping and prep and were kind of strange looking when cooked (which I recommend doing in a pan because they are gooey at first).  We all really enjoyed them, though, so the recipe is a keeper!  I had bought green onion, red pepper, and mango the week before when those items were on sale, with this recipe in mind.

I forgot to mention earlier, if you want to try the (expensive to me) Seeds of Change jalfrezi sauce, there is a Whole Foods coupon for it!  You may also be able to find the coupon at your Whole Foods store if they have any of the Whole Deal handouts left.  There is also a manufacturers coupon here.  I talked the checkout lady into trying this stuff.  She said she wasn't into Indian-ish cuisine and I said me neither, but this sauce is a good starting point, it is not spicy at all (even though it says it is).  I hope she likes it, too! :)

OK, thanks for listening thus far.  Now the food for this week.

I went to Trader Joe's (not pictured) and Aldi (pictured below) this weekend.  I spent about $70 at each place.  Four bags of drumsticks from Aldi are for a freezer meal party.

I want to go to Hy-Vee before Wednesday for shrimp and fresh brats.

Here's the plan.

breakfast bread (kids' favorite)
coffee w/ coconut milk

tuna & avocado salad stuffed mini peppers
nitrate free hot dogs
burgers w/ sauteed mushrooms
fudge babies (w/ sun butter for preschool)
carrots or sweet potato chips

middle eastern garlic chicken salad x2
super simple shrimp tacos
meatloaf, peas x2
primal chicken no-tortilla soup, avocados
bratwurst, sauerkraut, sweet potatoes

flourless chocolate cake (weekend)

Need more quick ideas for paleo family meals?  I have a plan and some posts in the works...

Have a good day!
(sharing recipes here!)

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