Friday, April 12, 2013

Easy Paleo BBQ Sauce

With grilling season right around the corner, this is a great little bit of info I found...

Tomato Paste + Balsamic Vinegar = Easiest Paleo BBQ Sauce Ever

Thank you random person who left a comment with this tip over on Mark's Daily Apple.

I made garlic pulled pork in the crock pot last week, and when it turned out a little dry, I knew my children would consume it much easier with some "dip".  I found this gem of advice.

Just mix some tomato paste (straight out of the can) with some balsamic vinegar (I get mine from Trader Joe's, and it is probably my most favorite paleo ingredient ever), and voila!, you have a thick and tangy sauce.  It is not exactly like bottled barbecue sauce, so adjust your expectations a bit, but we all agreed that it is quite tasty and will be relying on this recipe in the future.  What I love best is that it contains NO added sugars, it is super easy to make, it is inexpensive, and my children liked it!  I used approximately equal proportions of paste and vinegar.

I would like to experiment with adding some heat with some spices.  But in a pinch, just 2 ingredients will do the trick!

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