Friday, May 10, 2013

10 Easy Slow Cooker Paleo Meals

With a busy summer in mind, I am creating a round-up of tested and approved simple crock pot paleo meals that our family likes.

For additional ideas, see my old freezer meals post.  The soups on that old post are all crock pot friendly, but I am going to leave them there, because frankly, I don't hanker for soup in the summertime.  You can also check out Katie's Tastefully Simple paleo freezer meals for ideas.

tropical meatballs made with turkey

Below is my round-up of recipes I plan to reference for plan for our busy days this summer.  This list is a mix of long-time and fairly new-to-me recipes.  A few of them don't specify crock pot directions, but I believe they all can be slow cooker worthy :)

1. balsamic roast beef
2. sticky chicken or spice rub chicken (similar)
3. salsa verde chicken
4. balsamic glazed drumsticks
5. crispy carnitas - there are lots of various recipes for this (I use pork loin, and I do like to brown the pork under the broiler after cooking but before eating; it is easy.)
6. shawarma salad (Brown the meat and onions under the broiler after cooking but before eating, if desired.)
7. pork chops in creamy turmeric sauce
8. meatloaf (This is my favorite meatloaf, it is less tedious than making meatballs, you can leave out the almond meal if you want to, and yes, it works in the crock pot!)
9. tropcial chicken meatballs or meatloaf (I have not tried this yet in the crock pot, but I will.) Updated: they were OK, but I much prefer the original recipe for chicken burgers (and not in the crockpot)... totally different taste! Probably won't make w/ turkey again.
10. easy jalfrezi chicken

There you go.

Dump the ingredients in, set it, and forget it!  After a busy day, come home to your main dish waiting to be devoured.  Add a quick salad with dressing, raw or roasted vegetables, and/or some pre-made mashed sweet potatoes to round out the meal.

2 other easy ideas:
Precook chicken in the crock pot, shred, and then-
1. mix with 2 ingredient paleo BBQ sauce, warm and serve with coleslaw on the side.
2.  mix with salsa and pineapple and stick in the oven for this pineapple salsa chicken bake.

Something else:  I don't have squash this time of year because it is expensive, but if you do... did you know that you can just stick the whole thing in the crock pot with a little bit of water and let it cook all day?  So easy.  And makes it much easier to cut in half!  Remove the seeds at the end.

OK, what else am I missing?

I hope these ideas help you and me get a homemade paleo supper on the table while enjoying all that summer has to offer!

(sharing menu ideas here!)

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