Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mid-week Shopping

In case you are curious.

Aside from last weekend, I haven't shared many shopping trips lately, so thought I would... since we are not yet to the blazing-hot-throw-everything-in-the-fridge/freezer-asap heat of summer yet...

I don't usually shop in the middle of the week, but obviously did this week.

Trader Joe's $57

If you must, note the junk food in the upper left. The lemon curd, well I just love lemon and wanted to try it.  I haven't opened it yet, buy may use it for the lemon chicken recipe or save it for birthday treats later this summer - we all have summer b-days. The gluten free cookies are so my kids don't feel left out at camp next week.  And the caramels... I don't really know. I guess they are one candy I like and can have in the house without demolishing. So we'll just hang onto them until I find a use for them.  And the chicken tacos? Those are a convenience item my kids will eat for lunch... not guaranteed gluten free, but made without wheat ingredients.

Aldi $29

I prefer Real Salt and we use it for everything we season by hand with the shaker. But I also buy regular salt and use it, too.  I'm not using the precious stuff on making play dough!

Allright. I have 4 books from the library at once. Why does this always happen to me?  Goodnight.

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