Sunday, June 2, 2013

Groceries + Weekly Menu

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I went to Aldi this weekend and spent $51. Not the most optimally sourced produce and protein, but at least it's not bagels, right? ;)  Plus we got farm eggs. I have to head to Walmart to get the kiddos some school supplies for camp, so I might pick up a few more small things there that I couldn't get at Aldi: unsweetened applesauce, better price on greek yogurt, a few seasonings, etc.

Next weekend will probably be a big stock up week because we will be plumb out of all our beef, chicken, and seafood by then.  I never made it to Whole Foods this week to get pizza, so perhaps another time. We also never had chili from last week's menu, we had grilled hamburgers and sweet potato fries with friends, instead. A good way to start summer.

Pssst. My favorite waffle recipe is shared at last! Super similar to the one from Eat Like a Dinosaur (affiliate link). We made some this weekend (I used almond flour instead of almond butter because I was out - they turned out softer and crumblier, not as crispy). So there ya go, for anyone who has a waffle iron sitting idle in the cupboard. Make 'em, I bet you'll like 'em. We put frozen wild blueberries from Costco on top of ours.

I may do some experimental paleo baking this week: lemon poppyseed mini muffins and/or pumpkin cake cookies with raisins. I have some events to take food to, and if you know my children, you know that I had better take a paleo dessert for them!

The summer schedule officially starts this week for the kids and I with camp/class/work/etc. I have been in a bit of a daze, forgetting what day it is without our routine lately, so I think this will be good... That also means back to packing lots o'lunches. Wish me luck. Now if it would just warm up enough to get to the swimming pool on our days off!

eggs, kale, avocados
banana blueberry eggs muffins
coffee, paleo coffee creamer

salad greens
grilled chicken or tuna
bell peppers
sundried tomatoes
strawberries or apples
(no salad for the kids - too messy for lunches - so they get to dunk the meat and peppers in homemade sour cream ranch, plus have sweet potato chips and fruit)

Camp snacks:
unsweetened applesauce, greek yogurt parfaits

Monday - lemon garlic shrimp and creamy avocado zucchini "pasta"
Tuesday - slow cooker meatloaf, peas
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - dinner with friends, taking something
Friday - easy lemon chicken (this has some sugar, we'll see how it goes), broccoli
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - baked asian-style salmon, sweet potatoes, salad

Have a good week!

more ideas here...
Gluten Free Recipe Roundup via Musings of a Housewife

And always, thank you so much for reading and linking/sharing/pinning any interesting/helpful posts from my blog (and others!) to spread the paleo word! I appreciate it, as do all the folks I know on the journey with us!

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