Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Menu

a trip to Aldi, a few weeks back

I am very happy to have found 2 recipes that I can make for fun things for the kids lunches that don't involve nut butter (because it gets pricey), soy, or lots of sugar.  While definitely paleo-tasting (don't expect them to be like conventional), both kids really liked the pumpkin cake cookies and the lemon poppyseed mini muffins, once I got around to actually making them.  On the list for this week: popsicles.  But I need some new BPA free popsicle molds, first.

It's a "no chop" week of dinners! :) Well, after I slice the shawarma onions on Sunday it will be.  Yay!

eggs, avocados
coffee, creamer

adults: grassfed burgers, salads
kids: nitrate free mini hot dogs w/
veggie chips, pickles
apples & sunbutter

Sunday - shawarma salad
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - dinner with friends (tacos for the kids)
Wednesday - korean beef & stir fry veggies (sub 2T. maple syrup for the brown sugar)
Thursdsay - beefed up grain-free pizza (eating on the run)
Friday - paleo chicken parmesan (I just bake, no browning.), broccoli
Saturday - sweet potato chip nachos

I haven't done all of my shopping yet for this week.  I went to Hy-Vee, but I still need a trip to Aldi and Trader Joe's!

(sharing and finding recipes here!)
Gluten Free Recipe Roundup via Musings of a Housewife

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