Friday, August 30, 2013

Phone Food & Other Stuff

For some reason, I took pictures in the kitchen this week.

I wanted to share this post about carbs with you. My favorite part begins about halfway with "Everyone has their own context..." and ends about 5 small paragraphs later. And then I was reminded of this post on how to spot an a-hole from a year ago (because I like it as well).

More seriously? Why we work.

But sometimes you gotta take a sick day to restore your sanity (i.e. sleep).

I am going to the pool this weekend. Among other things. What are you doing?

Wanna add some fun to your living room coffee table? Buy some of these(affiliate link)  My kids love them and I do, too. Wish we had more. Worth every penny. Wait, I didn't buy them.  So, thanks grandparents!

Maybe I'll add an Amazon store or something on here before the holidays with some of my favorite things. Either way, if you shop through the link currently on the side to your right (at any time, whatever your purchase may be), it supports this site in a very small, but much appreciated way.

These muffins were a hit with my kids.  Plain or with blueberries.  Definitely not pastry shop-like in texture or anything, but my kids are used to these kinds of things by now.  I also made some of these :) My not-so-paleo sister couldn't believe they just contained 2 ingredients!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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