Friday, September 6, 2013

Almost the weekend...

How can a beer commercial can make me cry?

My apologies to the congenial shaggy haired employee at Costco. I'm afraid I was a bit tight-lipped yesterday in response to your friendliness because I was inwardly seething and trying not to lose it. It wasn't you, it was me. My just turned 4 year old was coming off a sugar high that was entirely my fault. (Yes, I gave my overtired child crappy ice cream on an empty stomach.) I know better! We just needed to get out of there. Asap.

Today was my sleep-in day. And by that I mean get woken up by my phone at 8:12am.

When people say they are obsessed with pumpkin, I think they really mean that they are obsessed with pumpkin + sugar.  I won't deny it,  that combo tastes good, and I may indulge occasionally this fall. Sometimes I almost feel like my insulin could spike just from looking at all the pumpkin + sugar overload on Pinterest, though... Anyone else feel like it's seriously out of control? But the idea-loving person inside of me doesn't mind. People can be quite creative with what they come up with.

Who are these guys?? I like their talent, especially on the fiddle.

These eclectic Friday posts are becoming a habit.

Go soak up some sun and fresh air while you can. Give your body what it needs. It's a great time of year for feeling good.  Happy weekend!

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