Friday, April 13, 2012

Cheap & Easy Paleo Snacks

Snacks are helpful since we have little kids.  Let's face it, they can be helpful for mommy and daddy, too!

Now, it is true that when we are being very paleo that we don't needs snacks as much.  We don't have the sugar-crash- OMG-I-have-to-eat-NOW-or-I-am-going-to-have-a-meltdown scenario going on.  But snacks are still nice, and especially helpful for when we have strayed from the straight and narrow and are trying to get back on track but need something to get us through the afternoon without losing it.  Or, for when we are out and about and there are no suitable paleo options for lunch.

So, here are my ideas.  The criteria they must meet: cheap (less than 50 cents a serving), easy, & paleo.  Some of these require some minimal prep, as in you have to slice them :)  I think you can handle that.  My kids go through phases, but at some point, they have each liked all of these options.

1. celery with almond butter

2. carrots & guacamole (buy prepped at Costco)

3. hard-boiled eggs

4. dill pickles

5. almonds (raw or dry-roasted) & raisins

6. olives

7. halved avocados drizzled with balsamic vinegar

8. bananas (not low-carb, but you can't get any easier or cheaper and my kids love them!)

...Nothing fancy, but that's the beauty of paleo!

I didn't have photos of everything, but took some of what I do have just to say I did :)

As you may know, my kids love cheese, too, but I am currently trying to get away from this so that they get used to meat in their lunches.  We just don't need the dairy!

I have some fun ideas for "icy" snacks for summer time, so I will share that list sometime.

What are your go-to paleo items to have on hand for snacks?

Happy Friday!

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