Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Menu

We ended up visiting family this weekend... so chili is still on the menu.

paleo breakfast bread
cream cheese pancakes (new recipe via Pinterest)
milk, coffee

grilled chicken & ranch -my kids will eat their meat better this way :)
nitrate-free hot dogs
carrots & celery

korean beef and broccoli x2
bean-less turkey chili with guacamole (freeze 1/2 for later)
asian-style baked salmon, roasted green beans & sweet potatoes
dinner with friends and family
a wedding!

paleo blackberry bars
non-gmo popcorn for the kids*

*I now make popcorn slightly differently than the link describes.  I use coconut oil, by the way.  I use 1/3 cup oil and 2/3 cup kernels.  And good real salt sprinkled liberally over it in the large, glass bowl!  I know corn is a grain and is not paleo, but we do have it now and then.

Have a good week!

More menu plans and recipes here!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mid-week Musings

Another Mark Sisson explanation:
Top 7 Most Common Reactions to Your High Fat Diet (and How to Respond)


In other news...

Shopping this week:


No more pics, but also....

Whole Foods-

  • organic popcorn
  • dried coconut
  • Jason mineral sunscreen (a one-day sale for $4, regularly $9.99)... We seldom use sunblock... but we do when we are out in the noon-day sun for more than an hour or on the lake for the day.  Since my kids are little, we are usually at the pool for only an hour if it is pre-nap :)... and I put some on my little guy's face and shoulders since he is fair... but in the evenings, we skip it.  Did you know that your diet can affect how easily you get burned?... google "diet and sunburn" and see what stories you find.  Although it is more of a pain to apply, for my children, I prefer the mineral-based "physical" sunscreen versus the stuff that reacts within your skin to form a barrier.
  • I was SO hoping to get one of these gluten-free, grain-free frozen pizza shells (recommended here) to make homemade pizza, but couldn't find it... only found their pre-made frozen pizzas which were $12.  Bummer. Gotta check Hy-Vee next.

Trader Joe's-

  • uncured beef hot dogs
  • grade b maple syrup
  • almond meal
  • pre-made salad w/ chicken for me since it was dinnertime and I was out running errands
  • white balsamic vinegar (for salad dressings?)
  • I could shop way more here...
On track for spending for the week.  That's good!

And we DID get 1/2 priced hot fudge Sonic shakes yesterday to celebrate the first official (and longest) day of SUMMER!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekly Menu

My daughter has swimming lessons in the evenings this week coming up so we need simple, filling (as always) suppers.  Next week will be even crazier because lessons continue, plus I will be helping with VBS a few evenings.

milk, coffee

chicken, cheese, tomato skewers
carrots and guacamole
raisins and banana chips
celery and cream cheese

Monday & Tuesday: zucchini and meat sauce x2
Wednesday: chicken & green bean stir fry, topped with cashews
Thursday: bean-less chili
Friday: out
Saturday: bean-less chili

Have a a great week!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Groceries + Recipes to Try

Well, I did not drive all over this past week like I had mentioned I might.  Thank goodness my husband talked some sense into me.  Plus I ended up not having the free time I thought I would.  So, I just made-do and made a mid-week stop at Aldi.  I spent $57 on groceries for us, and $10 on stuff for church.

We ate out 3 times this past week, which is unusual for us!  2 times we ate with friends and one time I took the kids to Chipotle.  We got corn tacos with no rice or beans and with guacamole added.  I had never had those before.  I kind of wish I had ordered a salad.  I did that one time: I just got lettuce, chicken, pico de gallo, and guacamole, so it was paleo and it was quite good.  The lady added extra chicken when she heard I didn't want rice or beans on it, which was nice.  The tacos weren't shabby, though.  The kids dumped out the filling and ate it and then rolled up the tortillas separately.  Each of the 3 dinners out (tailgating, Chipotle patio, birthday party) were eaten outside which was beautiful!

...And, these are some recipes I have pinned on Pinterest that I want to try sometime:
Paleo Blackberry Bars (I have got to get to Whole Foods for some dried coconut asap!)
Basic Vinaigrette for Salads (Similar to the dressing I love, just less herb-y I am betting.)
Roasted (or Grilled) Cabbage (I'm guessing this is either love or hate, kind of like brussels sprouts.)

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekly Menu

Thank you to anyone still reading around here... I've been a little nonexistent lately due to travels and busy at work.  I think I am back now :)

I haven't done any focused work-outs for at least a week and a half (and I wasn't doing all that well prior to that for a bit)... and I miss them.  Sooo, it is summer, and lack of sleep due to homework is not an excuse.  Today was a new start, and it began with "Cindy". Yeah.

Last week, we had some impromptu hamburgers and another meal of leftovers, so we have some things we didn't eat from the menu.  Therefore, we are still finishing up some of those dinners.  There were also pizza and donuts last week, which my insides seriously regretted.  Sigh.  A good reminder.  Will I ever learn?

Here's our plan for this week.

blueberry cobbler
eggs and fruit
milk, coffee

Italian roast beef lettuce wraps
cold salmon salad and bell pepper strips

fruit leather

after we finish the other meals....
tailgate (what should I take??)
dinner with friends for a birthday
bangin good shrimp (attempt to make paleo-er), salad, sweet potato fries
zucchini pizza bake (inspired by these) x2

limonada de coco (very refreshing)
coconut milk homemade ice cream

I'm looking forward to some new things on the menu this week!!!

PS - An update on cutting out dairy for my daughter: it did not seem to have much effect on the amount of snot she was producing.  What appears to have more of an effect: being wheat-free.  During the school year she was not wheat-free due to the snacks they served at school which I did not go to great lengths to regulate for her.  Maybe it is just summertime rolling around, but after battling the endless drainage for 2 and 1/2 months, she is better now :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Groceries this Week

It has been awhile since I've shown a grocery shopping trip.  I am going to try to document them this week.

I went to Walmart today (because it is close and I needed some stuff I am planning for my daughter's party) and Price Chopper.  I stopped by Aldi last week and got fruit and zucchini.  The strawberries were 99¢ a lb., so I was planning on getting some, but they looked bad.  I couldn't find any packages worth buying.  I got some pineapple instead for $1.29 each, plus kiwi and blueberries on sale.  Then, today at Walmart I took the Aldi flyer with me and did some price matching.  I stopped at Price Chopper, too.  Here's what I got:

not pictured: eggs, 1 package strawberries, and 1 banana

Walmart: $25
4 cans coconut milk, $1.48 each
1 dozen eggs (because we were plumb out!)
1 package Alexia sweet potato fries (ugh... not really paleo, but gluten-free)
sriracha sauce
lime juice
2 pints blueberries
3 lbs. strawberries
4 bananas
all fruit was price-matched using the Aldi flyer

Price Chopper: $10
rump roast, $1.99/lb.
sweet chili sauce
diced tomatoes (I suddenly though I might be short, but I wasn't.  Oh well, they'll get used.)

Tomorrow, I plan to do the idiotic and go to Costco on a Sunday to get nuts, lettuce, eggs, and cheese.  And I may be able to pop into Whole Food and Trader Joe's midweek, sans children.  I want to get unsweetened coconut and organic popcorn from the bulk bins at WF plus check out their sunscreen (or stop in another place for that).  At Trader Joe's I'll get banana chips, dried unsweetened cranberries, almond meal, and grade b maple syrup.  I'm not a regular shopper at either of those stores, but there are a few specific products I can only get for a good price at those places.

Oh, last week I got 10 more pounds of organic, grass-fed ground beef from the farm where I buy milk, so we are even more stocked than before.  Which is good because I'm bound to miss a pick-up or two from the other ranch due to our summer travels.

Was that all-over-the-place enough for ya? :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekly Menu (delayed)

Hello!  Here is the plan for the week...

eggs and fruit
paleo breakfast bread
coffee, real milk

salami & cheese
salmon salad & celery
carrots & guac
grape tomatoes

sticky chicken in the crock pot, roasted green beans
zucchini noodles and meat sauce x2
broccoli, chicken, bacon, cheddar crustless quiche (use real milk)
cabbage rolls (still haven't gotten to them!) x2

Gotta run!