Friday, July 13, 2012

(Mostly) Gluten Free Party Menu

There is really no such thing as mostly gluten free.  It should be called non gluten free.  But I am labeling this as such because with just a tweak or two, I think it could be GF!

We hosted a birthday party that included little kids, as well as siblings, and parents.  The was our menu.

  • crock pot meatballs* in BBQ sauce (I used this sauce, so it would be pretty sweet for the kids.)
  • crock pot lil smokies in BBQ sauce
  • organic corn tortilla chips & homemade pico de gallo with chopped avocado added
  • chicago caramel and cheese popcorn (from Costco)
  • fresh strawberries
  • baby carrots & celery sticks with ranch (I used store-bought this time.)
  • string cheese (my daughter's request)
  • go-gurts (ha! this was not planned, they were leftover from another function)
  • homemade lemonade (equal parts organic lemon juice + sugar, add water)
  • Betty Crocker GF cake mix cupcakes (instant pudding packet + 1/3 c. H2O added) with buttercream frosting (used store-bought sour cream instead of our heavy cream - didn't think my friends would appreciate raw dairy)  P.S.  I love this frosting.  Found via Pinterest.

*I used store-bought meatballs from Costco - definitely not the healthiest kind.  I'm pretty sure these were the only item that contained wheat.  So if you could find some that were GF, or make your own, plus check all the sauces/dressing used, this could be a GF party menu!

I know that GF (gluten free) does not equate to paleo or even to healthy, as some seem to think.  But when we are compromising on allowing more sugar and dairy than normal, keeping it gluten-free seems to at least keep our tummies a little happier.

I REALLY should have remembered to take a photo of the food!


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