Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Menu

Let me catch you up since last week's dinner menu ended on Friday...

Saturday night, we had zucchini noodles with meatballs and sauce.
Today (Sunday), we will be eating a crockpot version of chicken enchiladas (no tortillas) and salad.

Now, here's the plan for this coming week--

Breakfasts: (need a break from eggs)
coconut flour waffles with fresh peaches
sausage & sweet potato hash
coconut milk almond butter banana smoothies

blt + avocado + turkey roll-ups
dry roasted almonds
party leftovers?

Monday - bun-less burgers with sautéed mushrooms & caramelized onions, oven fries
Tuesday - tuna stuffed avocados, salad and dressing
Wednesday - chicken & vegetable stir fry
Thursday - korean beef & broccoli
Fri - Sat - Sun - ?  Too far out to know.  I will grocery shop again by then...

We are having a party over lunchtime on Monday, so any leftovers from that we will also eat for lunches on later days.  I will post our mostly gluten-free party menu later in the week.  I'm excited to be making the same cupcakes I was so pleasantly surprised by last time... I hope they turn out to be just as good!  I am also going to attempt some homemade pico de gallo today...

Thoughts on eating out...
We rarely go out to eat.  When we do, it is usually for a special occasion.  We went out last week for my daughter's birthday.  Since we are steak lovers, and rarely buy or fix it ourselves, we went to Longhorn Steakhouse. (Plus, we had some gift cards to use up.)  Longhorn's has one of my favorite out-to-eat meals.  It is not cheap... but it is good.  Garden salad with ranch, 9 oz. fillet mignon cooked medium, and seasonal vegetables.  I passed on the bread, which was not that hard to do.  I wanted to save room for the good stuff!  Now, I'm sure the steak was not grass-fed, and the salad dressing and probably the steak seasonings and whatever else is used (oil? margarine?) are not paleo, but the bulk of the meal was.  And I sure enjoyed it! :)  And if I were going to... say, Olive Garden, I would get the chicken marsala with roasted potatoes (borderline primal, I know) -and the salad, of course.  I just wanted to show you some ideas of what I would order when out at a "typical" restaurant!

OK, this week will be busy, but hopefully a good one for one and all.

Now go find some new paleo recipes for us among Musings of a Housewife's gluten-free recipe linky! :) 

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