Friday, January 25, 2013


So, I was feeling contemplative last weekend and started this list of things I was particularly thankful for on that day.

1. a good run after 3 weeks off (and thankful for some squat workouts in the meantime that kept my legs in working order)

2. a lazy weekend morning of making paleo pancakes, listening to some old school songs on pandora, blogging while the kids ride plasma cars in the basement, and hoping to do some reading, while ignoring the clean laundry pile that needed folding :)
Aaaaaaand that's about as far as I got before things got away from me during the week.

But now that we are back to the weekend, I need to say what a fun blog week it was - even though I didn't post anything new - I'm more of an after hours blogger, posting on the weekends :) - and that I am thankful for...

3. new visitors to this little blog of mine compliments of Pinterest, (!), Facebook, Jo-Lynne, and others!

Hi all!! So glad you are here!

Regarding Pinterest: I love, love, love it!  You are welcome to pin my posts with my photos linking back to here.  And thank you.

Pinning/sharing/liking/commenting = love.  Go for it.

FYI, I did some behind the scenes work this week.  You can now pin posts to Pinterest straight from the practical paleo homepage.  If you hover the cursor over a photo, click the P icon that shows up and go from there.  It is supposed to pin that photo and the corresponding post.

OK, enough of that, I'm going to watch a movie now.

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