Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shopping Paleo at Costco and Aldi

I am determined to stay on track for the budget this week.

So far, I've spent $10 on raw milk and homemade yogurt from the diary farm, $12 at Price Chopper on chicken and strawberries, $10 on farm eggs, and then I made these purchases today.

Costco: $36

holy sugar, that is a LOT of honey. it is the best price around. it better last a long time.

Note to self: don't got to Costco when it is a payday weekend plus the day before the Big Game.  Redonk.

Aldi: $35

sweet potato chips are an exception for packed lunches.  great deals on bell peppers, avocados, tomatoes, & pineapple.

And I have plans to go to Trader Joe's early this week and spend $37.  I was going to wait until on my way home from work on Tuesday, but I might have to head over there tomorrow because we are planning to eat some of the items I planned to get from there sooner than that!  And that won't work if we don't have them! :)

My TJ list:
  • banana chips
  • kale
  • organic popcorn kernels
  • nitrate free beef hot dogs
  • organic apples
  • frozen mixed berries
  • red wine vinegar
  • frozen brussels sprouts
  • nitrate free bacon
  • canned tuna

We restocked our freezer with local grassfed ground beef for the month.  If I consider this week's % of that monthly purchase (comes out to $12) in this weeks grocery budget total, our grocery total for the week should come in right at $152 when all the shopping is said and done.  Not bad.  $150 is the goal.

I did buy more food than what is just purchased here, but it is for other people.  It is not going to be consumed at my house and most of it is not paleo.  So I kept it separate.  Spending an additional $30 got me the fixings for-
  • 1 full course meal for 5 adults (my turn to cook for my Bible study)
  • 1 main dish for a family of 5 that has a new baby
  • baking supplies for special birthday treats for a coworker (we take turns providing - I'm doing gluten-free surprise cupcakes with buttercream frosting... not gonna tell them they are sneaky, I know... and yes I am making them gluten free because I will have to test one, ya know.)

I'm going to count that $30 as entertaining or gift giving from the budget.  It doesn't provide any more money in the household budget (boo), but it lets me see where it is being spent when I look back.

Wanna see what is happening to all this food?  Look for the menu plan tomorrow.  Allright, I am fried.  Goodnight!

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