Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Thoughts

I read a quote on one of those motivational "posters" that people share round the internet.  Sometimes I think those things are a bit over the top.  But. This serves a good reminder to me, because I don't always work diligently at things and need a kick in the rear. It went something like this-
If you only give
1/2 of your possible
then you better be OK
with only 1/2 of the possible
What do you think?  I could argue it, but that's not the point.  I get the point and it is a good one.

I made the kids take the day off (it's only preschool :)) because the they (and I) needed to sleep in after a long week.  And it actually worked and everyone woke up happy.  Amazing.  I have still been trying to be productive today (housecleaning, work, school work).   Now, I am off to run errands on a Friday afternoon/evening.  But I don't have grumpy kiddos along, so I  am OK with that.

I hope you have a good start to the weekend!

P.S. This book is on hold for me at the library.  I'm going to get it this weekend and looking forward to reading it very much!!

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