Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly Menu

Hi there.

Here is our meal plan for this week.  Yesterday was a pretty good shopping trip to Aldi: strawberries (had to ask for some fresher ones than were set out at the time), blueberries, beef tenderloin, etc.  I also picked up our grass-fed ground beef order for the month along with a pastured, whole chicken and a dozen pastured eggs.

eggs & fruit
paleo breakfast bread
coconut flour raisin waffles with butter
other drinks are coffee, real milk

Lunches (3 parts):
1. choice of-
uncured, nitrate-free beef hot dogs
egg salad
tuna salad
2. choice of-
sweet potato chips
carrots & guacamole
celery & cream cheese
3. fruit

Snack: paleo carrot cake bites (new recipe to try)

Sunday - sausage & sweet potato hash
Monday - cabbage rolls
Tuesday - beef tenderloin, sautéed mushrooms, roasted green beans
Wednesday - Asian-style salmon, peas
Thursday - cheap and easy Korean beef (sub 2T. grade b maple syrup for sugar) & broccoli
Friday - stir fry: chicken & green beans topped with green onions and cashews
Saturday - dinner with family

I guess it is the week of Asian-American flavor here at our house or something.

Happy Memorial Day weekend... have a great week!

This and other gluten-free meal plans shared at Musings of a Housewife.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 Great Reads

Check out these articles/posts...

Why the Campaign to Stop America's Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing -by Gary Taubes
Kind of a critique of the HBO documentary The Weight of the Nation.  Goes a bit deeper.

Top 8 Most Common Reactions to Your Grain-Free Diet (and How to Respond) -by Mark Sisson
So true, so relatable, so practical.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Menu

This place could use some more color.  I should add some photos, hey? :)  Here's the plan for the week.

eggs & strawberries
banana muffins

club lettuce wraps (turkey, bacon, tomato, guac)
nitrate-free hot dogs
carrots and guacamole
trail mix (dry roasted almonds, banana chips, raisins)

shawarma chicken & salad x2
grilled chicken-spinach-red pepper sausages & oven fries* x2
bean-less chili & salad with ranch x2

fudge babies
some form of paleo ice option... another.
limonada de coco (a pinterest find)

On one hand, summer is easy for paleo eating, because you can just grill up some meat and veggies.  And the fresh produce is amazing!  But on the other hand, it is harder, because I kind of want "fun" convenience foods and cool summer treats, which are generally not paleo.   For example, the $5 take and bake pizza when I don't feel like cooking... So, I don't promise we will be perfect.  However, I do know that after 2-3 days of standard American diet (SAD), I am not who I want to be, emotionally, mentally, or physically.  That is what always brings me back to paleo.  I don't like being a victim.  That probably sounds so extreme to someone who hasn't tried paleo, but those are my feelings.  If you want to know what I am talking about, try it yourself! :)

*I wanted to get some Alexia sweet potato fries which are supposedly gluten-free.  But at Costco, my choices were another brand of sweet potato fries which contained wheat and soy, or Alexia white potato waffle fries which are supposedly gluten free but contain canola oil - bleh.  I thought the Alexia waffle fries were the lesser of the two evils, so that's what I bought.  Usually I just buy sweet potatoes in a box and chop them up and make my own oven-baked potatoes, but I was feeling lazy.

OK, any more disclaimers?  No, I think I'm finished.  For now at least.  Happy cooking!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Groceries: Shopping Paleo at Price Chopper

...sort of :)

There are a couple non-paleo items in there that were on sale for less than a buck (bbq sauce, brownie mix) that I just know will come in handy for getting together with friends for cookouts this summer.  So, I sometimes keep a little stash in the laundry room closet for purposes like those.  It saves money and time to not have to run by the store on our way to someone's house.

I spent $28, but saved $33 with store specials.

Here's what else we got:
smoked deli turkey, $2.99/lb.
boneless skinless chicken breasts, $1.69/lb.
frozen vegetables, 59¢ each
mustard, 99¢
ketchup, 99¢ - not paleo but we use it sparingly
bacon, $1.99
peaches, 88¢/lb.

I already went to Costco, Trader Joe's, & Aldi on Thursday, taking advantage of rare kid-free shopping time.

The blog's been quiet lately with the end of school rush, but I hope to share more recipes this summer!  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Menu

coconut flour waffles with banana topping
eggs & fruit

garlic-lime chicken skewers
cheese cubes
hardboiled eggs

korean beef (tweak: 2 T. grade b maple syrup for the sugar) & broccoli
chinese chicken salad (not quite paleo, although it could be made that way)
zucchini "noodles" with homemade tomato-meat sauce x2 (my version of this meal)
out to eat (didn't do last week)

chocolate-almond-banana ice cream (blend up chopped, very ripe frozen banana with a little raw milk or coconut milk, almond butter, cocoa, and optional vanilla & maple syrup)

Weekend treat:
homemade gluten-free ice cream cookie sandwiches

Have a great week!

(P.S. Lots of various menus at the Organizing Junkie!)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paleo Grocery Shopping: Price Chopper & Aldi

I made it!  My semester if over, the kids have one more week of school, and then it is summer!  My favorite season.  I just like warm weather activities, like going to the pool.  Now, don't be fooled, we don't have a lazy summer ahead.  We have work and scheduled activities like normal, but hopefully some additional recreation time, too! :)

Hint: if you know me personally and live in the area, here are some good deals.  Price Chopper has 79¢ eggs (through Monday, with a limit of 3) and $1.99/lb. 93% lean ground beef right now.  Pork loin and boneless pork loin chops are $1.99/lb., too.  Those are good prices on some paleo foods if you are pinching pennies or don't have access to those products from local farms.  I don't have a good source for farm fresh eggs from pastured hens, so let me know if you do!  I can get them like once a month for $4 a dozen, but we go through several dozen a week typically!

In additions to Price Chopper, I went to Aldi this weekend.  All the salad stuff is super cheap:
29¢ cucumber
49¢ carrots & salad mix
79¢ tomatoes & mushrooms
$1.59 3-pack bell peppers

Pudding and chocolate chips are pictured in there for something I am going to make next weekend.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Menu

eggs & fruit
coffee with cream (cramming for another exam this week!)

hard boiled eggs & cheese
tuna stuffed avocados
dill pickles


Sunday - chicken no-tortilla soup
Monday - goulash
Tuesday - beef tenderloin & roasted green beans
Wednesday & Thursday - cobb salad
Friday - out for a birthday dinner
Saturday - meatza, peas
Sunday - turkey sausage & sweet potato hash

It is two weeks until swimsuit season.  I am self-imposing two weeks of no sugarific or glutenific cheats.  I need to get my body back to relying on fat for energy.  It makes me feel so much more even-keeled and better!  (with the added bonus of a less poochy stomach)  With only one week of school left, I can do it!

I am experimenting with taking my daughter off of dairy.  It is hard, because she likes it.  But I am sick and tired of her endlessly draining nose!  The crackers she gets three times a week at school don't help either.  This may sound bad, but I am looking forward to exercising more say over her diet this summer when she is not at school.  I know I could teach her to turn those options down, or not allow her to have them, but I just haven't gone that far yet.  I would like to see this book and this book in person to find out if they would be good ones to buy for my children's book baskets.

Have a great week!