Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Menu + Groceries + Etc.

We love our hot sauce around here.  We've been out for several weeks, and I finally got some more.  It has a tiny bit of sugar and whatnot, but I don't mind it.  It's so little that it doesn't register as any grams per serving.  Perhaps I should buy it in bulk? Ha.

Just an FYI on school day food: to keep it simple and low-prep, I am trying to follow my "rules" for the kids on "packed lunch" days... I know they are not 100% paleo, but as long as they are gluten-free that is fine with me, considering the circumstances.  (This explains the chips below, if you are like "what the heck?")

I successfully window shopped.  Well, and I got a new pair of shorts.  And if anyone wants to buy me some articles of clothing from lululemon, I won't put up a fight.  I previously made fun of people who wear their exercise clothes everywhere all the time, but if I had clothes from there, I think I might join in.

I have a special place in my heart for shift workers.  You may have seen this if you are an avid paleo blog reader, but in case not, it is worth mentioning...  Here is some great advice on surviving the night shift from a paleo person who has thrived on the night shift for over a decade!

And the plan for the week-

eggs & spinach
lemon poppyseed muffins
coffee, creamer

grass-fed burgers, nitrate-free mini hotdogs, or gluten-free chicken taquitos
sweet potato chips or carrots w/ homemade ranch
other days-
grilled chicken sausages or turkey sausage and sweet potato hash
salad w/ dressing

School snack:
(Don't get me started...they are only there 3 hours!)
fruit leather or raisins

After school snack:
greek yogurt w/ berries & honey
sliced bananas, cashews, dried coconut

Sunday - zucchini spaghetti w/ beefy sauce (didn't have it last week)
Monday - everyday chicken curry*, broccoli
Tuesday - balsamic roast beef, roasted brussels sprouts (not sure the kids will eat, but I love 'em), salad
Wednesday - shrimp taco salad
Thursday - crock pot roasted chicken, salad, sweet potatoes (make chicken stock)
Friday - chicken marsala (from this book), roasted green beans
Saturday - chocolate chili, guac
Sunday - organic corn nachos w/ leftover chili (weekend treat)

*I have never made a curry that I've liked, but this looks easy enough to try again.

Here's the loot from Trader Joe's, $68. No mini chicken tacos :( so I got taquitos, instead. But yes on almond butter!

I'll add my trip to Aldi on here afterwards, so check back if you want to see it.

Updated: $49 at Aldi

Have a good week!
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